Binh T. Nguyen

Binh T. Nguyen

Executive Vice President

Binh Nguyen serves as an Executive Vice President of Sage Canyon Advisors, LLC (SCA). Mr. Nguyen holds an MBA from University of Nevada, Reno, a Master of Science in Engineering from University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Mr. Nguyen brings 30+ years of Business and Engineering experience to SCA.

Prior to joining SCA, Mr. Nguyen was an Executive Director of Corporate Strategy at International Game Technology (IGT), responsible for Technology and IP assessments for Mergers & Acquisitions activities, as well as corporate venture capital investments in emerging technologies.

Prior to the Corporate Strategy work, Mr. Nguyen headed up the IP Management group at IGT, an Intellectual Property group designed to manage the company’s 3,000+ patents and applications portfolio, and provide IP information to support business strategies. During his years at IGT, Mr. Nguyen also held various management positions in Engineering, developing hardware and software for embedded systems.

Before the Strategy and Engineering work at IGT, Mr. Nguyen was a Principal Engineer at Xerox, developing Electrostatic and Inkjet printing technologies in. Earlier in his career, Mr. Nguyen also spent years at SGS Systems designing semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and at IBM developing copier and printer products.

Mr. Nguyen is also an inventor and a registered Patent Agent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. Nguyen is a named inventor of over 250 patents and applications in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, and China.

Mr. Nguyen is the founder and President of Intellectual Garden, LLC, an IP consulting firm, and a member of the Reno Angels, an early-stage angel investment group. Mr. Nguyen holds a Series 7 securities license.